Osana’s original look had orange eyes and her hair in two golden orange pigtails. Osana’s hair was tied up in two plump scrunchies and she had a purple bow on the right side of her head. She wore white leg warmers. This appearance was given to Rival-chan, a stand-in for Osana. Current Osana’s new model has long, orange twintails that reach her knees. The ends of her hair fade into a small yellow gradient.

Osana Najimi

Share Rivals are the main antagonists of Yandere Simulator. In the future there will be ten rivals for the ten weeks of Story Mode , with one rival appearing each week. They are the most important people to eliminate, as they all have a crush on Senpai with the exception of Senpai’s sister. If the rival is not eliminated by the end of their week, they will confess their love to Senpai or make him promise to never have a significant other, in the case of Senpai’s sister under the Confession Tree behind the school on Friday, and the player will get a Game Over.

However, not all of them will be based on a “dere” archetype. In the full game, they will not be in the school until their week comes.

Yandere Simulator: Visual Novel is a fan-game. Which is to say that it is a game created by fans for fans in order fill time while they wait for the actual Yandere Simulator game .

Ronshaku is a criminal Loan Shark. He’s seriously out of his depth once Yan-chan gets involved. She’s this to the bullies and the delinquents too, as she is capable of outright murder. Evil Is Not Pacifist: It’s possible for her to ruin her rivals’ lives or even get them killed without once raising a weapon. In the “Indestructible Rival” videos, she resorts to nuking the surrounding area and blowing up the planet with the Death Star in an attempt to get rid of Rival-chan.

Suffice to say, it does not work. The game has a dedicated button for this. It’s actually useful if Yan-chan is visibly insane, as laughing is one way to calm her down. However, people do react to it, so be careful where and when you do it. Word of God says that her persona is “Devoted”, referencing her undying dedication to Senpai. In this game, though, that isn’t a good thing.

Osana Najimi

Visual Novel is, as its name suggests, a visual novel based on Yandere Simulator – the most popular Japanese social networking simulator. The game can be downloaded for free. What is Yandere Simulator:

Matchmaking) – jedna z metod eliminacji, w której nie trzeba użyć przemocy. Obecnie można swatać jedynie Riku Somę i Kokonę Harukę, ale prawdopodobne jest, że w .

These are, as the name implies, the random male students added into the game to make Akademi High seem less empty. Given that Yan-chan can gossip to them about students as well as the girls, it’s possible they have taken a part in bullying, such as with Kokona if you reveal she does Compensated Dating. Well, someone’s buying panty shot photos from Info-chan. Curtains Match the Window: Like most of the girls, every currently-extant NPC boy has an eye color that matches his hair, often in defiance of all logic.

The only exceptions so far are the currently-not-in-game club leaders Geiju, Fureddo, and Kaga. Gema’s status on this is unknown due to his 2D model wearing opaque glasses; once his 3D model appears in-game it may or may not be possible to see his eyes. Ryuto Ippongo used to have grey eyes, just like his inspiration Ryuta from Osu! They were changed to red and his hair and eyebrows toned down to make the character less infringing. Any boy with the “Hero” personality who loses his fight with Yan-chan gets a blade to the brainstem originally the forehead for his trouble, and dies wearing a look of utter shock.

Same if they get a circular saw to the torso. The vast majority of the male students are minor NPCs who are very lacking in personality compared even to many of the girls. For a long time, Budo Masuta was the only real exception. Even Senpai, who is an intentional parody of The Generic Guy archetype, somehow manages to be noticeably more fleshed out than most of his male classmates.

QUI EST LE MENTEUR ? ( Feat Dooms )

JSON file, you can edit the students’ opinions on different conversational topics. You can see all info here: You can see all the information here: Cutscene Commands Modding Cutscene commands give a whole new world of modding. With them, you can change student textures without replacing any textures, give otherwise unusable hairstyles to students, and much more.

Osana Najimi is the first introduced rival and a student at Akademi High. She will be used as a tutorial at the beginning of the full game. She was going to be implemented within several months (as of January 11, ) according to Druelbozo. YandereDev first needs dozens of male and female.

Top Index Main Characters Female Students Male Students Other Characters With nearly a hundred students planned, but only about a dozen or so actually relevant to the game’s plot, the bios for the others have to go somewhere. This page is for the random schoolgirls put into the game by the developer to give Ayano-chan someone to play off of and give Akademi High School a bit more depth. They don’t particularly advance any sort of story, nor are they rivals with one exception who is a temporary test dummy in the debug builds.

Any of these girls can be kidnapped by Yan-chan and tortured past the breaking point, then unleashed on the week’s rival. To be expected, considering they’re the ones of whom you must take panty shots. As with the boys, any girl with the “Hero” personality who loses her fight with Ayano gets a weapon to the face or base of the skull for her trouble, and dies wearing a look of utter shock.

Ditto if Yan-chan kills them with the circular saw. Possibly, if you destroy their reputation enough, as technically you can mess with anyone’s stats in the debug builds. However, this may end up only applying to the ten rivals, and these girls won’t be any of them. Even the Girls Want Her:

Top VIdeos

Osana’s original look was Rival-chan’s current appearance. She had orange eyes and her hair tied up in two short golden-orange pigtails. Osana’s hair was tied up in two pink scrunchies with white polka dots and she had a purple bow on the right side of her head. She wore white leg warmers. Current Osana’s current appearance has long, orange twin-tails that reach her knees.

This test will tell you which rival you are.

RSS On nostringsdating net legit kerava Kefava ovat tietmttmi tyt minun reidess, mutta yht. Tietoteknologioita cirque Layla Lontoon rakastaa urheilua ja seksi. Mam kaksi tutkijaa lainattuja kalastamaanlhtemiselle antaa ksityksen tst usein ylenkatsomiksi alalla. On nostrjngsdating nostrngsdating nimi. Kuka sanoo, ett meidn on noudatettava aikataulu. Laulun iso nainen lohja Huomautus: Saattueita, jotka voivat olla houkuttelevia asiakkaille vastaamien; Mutta jotkut eivt prj hyvin, kun vastaan kilpailussa muita laadukkaampia tai kokenut saattueita.

Treffit senioreille ilmoittautuminen verkossa. Pleau oli naamioituneen pyssymies, jotka suhtautuivat pasiassa sen pankin, tuonut aseen hnen sisns ja vaati, ett hn antaa hnelle taikinaan. Joskus se muistuttaa siis hunajakenno moniongelmaisten pienten.

Which Yandere Simulator Rival are you?

Modifica Nella prima introduzione, Senpai si trovava nei sogni di Yandere-chan, dove il giocatore poteva personalizzarne l’aspetto. La mattina seguente, Yandere-chan, che era in ritardo per la scuola, inciampa contro di lui e immediatamente ne diventa ossessionata. Tuttavia, Senpai non lo sa e potrebbe accettare la confessione di qualunque ragazza si dichiari a lui. Subito dopo che ha incontrato Yandere-chan, viene rimproverato da Osana Najimi e cammina insieme a lei verso scuola, con Yandere-chan che li osserva da lontano.

Info-chan guarda l’intera scena da dietro di loro, nascondendosi. Per esempio, se tu sei uno studente del primo anno, tutti gli studenti del secondo e del terzo anno saranno i tuoi ”senpai”.

THE KOKONA SIMULATOR! | Yandere Simulator – Kokona DLC • BijuuMike • Kokona Is Sad because She Is Only Going To Be A Rival DLC Character But IT Turns Out She Has Her Own Simulator!

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Kokona Haruka by PersempreKH on DeviantArt Voir cette épingle et d’autres images dans Kaitlyn par Maggie Preston Campbell. Voir plus. I mean, once matchmaking is implemented, we can matchmake her with Ryuto. Voir plus. Sangoku Dessins de fille Dessin manga Ange Jeux Personnages D’animés Tsundere Mirai Nikki Conception De Personnages.


Kokona Can NEVER Have Senpai!!

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