A Machine for All Beer Enthusiasts Many have wondered about the kegerator in general, but exactly what is it? The kegerator is a small refrigerator type unit that holds a keg and dispenses draft beer. The beer keg is kept in a cooled environment so the contents of the keg will be chilled at all times. Kegerators also allow beers to retain their freshness for a longer period of time. Full sized kegerators often have a pressurized CO2, or carbon dioxide tank and a coupler to drive the beer out of the keg and to a spout so that the beverage can then be dispensed. The unit comes in a variety of styles and sizes and you can customize it with accessories to suit your needs. In order to get the best kegerator, you will need to know the essentials about the machine. This article will explain them all. Kegerator Components You should be familiar with the kegerator parts so setting up the draft beer system will be much easier for you. Here are some of the basic parts of the unit:

Andy’s Tips for the Perfect Kegerator

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Nov 07,  · Now, after installing the drip tray, all you have to do is hook up the beer and gas lines, flush them and sanitize them. Make sure that all hose clamps are tightened and that the CO2 tank is secured and the regulator set to PSI.

Superchill mode allows kegs to be cooled rapidly Con: Some parts are cheap and will need to be replaced Twofer: Were this a single tap kegerator operation, it would still be high on our list. The fan forced cooling is adept at hitting the mark and sticking to it even if moved from room to room or taken out on the back deck when drinking away your summer days while your BBQ smoker does its work.

It can drop to 32 degrees, and sometimes even below, so you can get beer that will freeze your brain should you so desire. A digital temperature gauge makes keeping it cool easy. Even air distribution even when packed with kegs Con: Needs a little more space to get 3 kegs inside comfortably Triple Threat: Built around a front ventilation system, this can go under the counter and be mounted permanently or ride around on its casters for draft beer on the go.

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Horizontal Tap Kegerators Kegerators are common pieces of beer equipment that can be used in a variety of businesses and for lots of occasions. A kegerator has an interior cavity for the keg, a latching or sealing front door, and a hole for the hoses and dispensing tower. Depending on the brand and model, there will most likely have to be room for the CO2 canister outside the unit.

Once plugged in, the refrigeration system kicks on and cools the keg so that you can serve ice-cold beer.

Hooking up a beer keg is a straight forward procedure that involves connecting the beer line to the beer-line intake valve located on top of the keg. Only hook up chilled beer kegs (below 38 degrees Fahrenheit) – beer begins releasing carbon dioxide at temperatures above 38 degrees Fahrenheit, and bacterial growth begins at 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Bourbon county came out Black Friday and all the bottles are gone. We do have growlers of Bourbon county available. Bring your own bottle or buy one from us. Samples are also available. Pumpkin beers are in stock as well! As always these are limited availability. Sam Adams Octoberfest is here!!! That price includes free Breyers ice cream. Makes a great root beer float to celebrate Father’s Day!

Kegerator Hook Up

How to Hook Up a Kegerator Category: Essentially, it is a small refrigerator that a beer keg can fit inside of, keeping it cool wh [More] How to Hook Up an Atari Game System Category: The system plays host to old-school games like Pac-Man and Dig-Dug, and the hardware itself has become an iconic part of gaming history. If you have located an Atari [More] Category: Most cable boxes hook directly to the TV with a coaxial cable.

Jan 06,  · You have a couple of options to get the Guinness flowing: you can either purchase a dedicated Guinness Draught Kegerator or you can convert an existing draft dispensing system, which can be switched back to standard dispensing whenever you like.

This handy carbonation table lists PSI Pressure per Square Inch against keg temperature to give you a quick reference guide for carbonating you ales over a three to five day period. This slow forced-carbonation process is the best suited for having foam-free home brew. This chart is color coded to reflect low, mid, and high levels of bubbliness, according to beer type see key below.

There is a faster method for force carbonating ale, however, the quick method tends to make the beer over-foam when first tapped. We will discuss both methods. Temperature in Degrees Fahrenheit”, first consider the level of carbonation desired in the home brew you are making. Most brewers have a preference on either side of the standard carbonation levels, so use the lower side of PSI if you prefer a smoother ale, and the higher side if you prefer a bubblier brew.

This table shows different volumes of CO2, based on the following ratio: Practically speaking, 1 volume of CO2 is too little for most tastes blue region , and 4 volumes is too much red region.

Kegerator Parts Overview

Adjuncts honey, maize, oat malt, fortified wheat, brown sugar, molasses, etc. Other types of grains can be added oats, rye, wheat, etc. The barley is processed in different ways to get different characteristics. Typically you want around lbs Kg base malt per 5 gallons 21 L , depending on the type of beer you’re brewing. Add lbs 0.

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Values shown are in psig, or gauge pressure. It’s important to remember that carbonation is proportional to absolute pressure, not gauge pressure. Atmospheric pressure drops as elevation goes up. Therefore, the gauge pressure needed to achieve proper carbonation at elevations above sea level must be increased. Add 1 psi for every 2, feet above sea level. For example, a retailer at sea level would use That same retailer would need How do I set my CO2 regulator?

Securely attach the regulator to the gas cylinder. Close the regulator’s shut-off valve “C”. Completely open the gas cylinder valve “A”. Slowly turn the regulator adjustment “B” until the low pressure gauge “D” displays the desired pressure. Turn clockwise to increase the pressure, and counter-clockwise to decrease the pressure. Briefly pull the ring on the keg coupler’s pressure relief valve “F” to allow the pressure already in the keg to vent Open the regulator shut-off valve “C” to allow gas to flow to the keg coupler.


Ask Question Step 1: Preparing the Freezer Foreword: You need to be very careful about cutting through the walls of the freezer as most of the walls contain the cooling element.

Jan 09,  · (picking up from distributor, loading in car, carrying into house) Don’t shake it. When you first hook up the tap, Have the co2 valve closed. Keep the valve closed until the natural co2 has pushed all the beer it can through the lines.

Do not over tighten. Close the toggle shut-off valve on the output port of the regulator; the “closed” position is typically perpendicular to the output port and the “open” position aligns the lever parallel to the port. Do not use a CO2 cylinder without a regulator gauge for keg tapping. The CO2 cylinder must be secured so that it cannot fall or be tipped over. Slide the clamp over the hose and regulator connection and squeeze to tighten. Slip a hose clamp over the other end of the air hose and attach it to the keg coupler gas inlet port.

Secure the connection with the hose clamp. Lift the keg coupler handle up into the “off” position. Keg Tapping Align the keg coupler with the lugs on the keg and turn it clockwise to lock it into place.

Co2 Tank Frequently asked Questions

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Apr 13,  · Watch this instructional video to learn how to install a CO2 Regulator onto a CO2 Tank and set it up for your draft beer dispense system. We show .

Monday, December 6, Installing beer taps in my house Since moving into my new house, I have been planning to install beer taps into a dining room wall. Tonight, I have completed my goal and drank the first beer from the new taps. The faucet on the right is frosty since I just poured a victory beer. In this photo at the bottom left, you can see the white keg refrigerator under the counter in the kitchen, which is adjacent to the dining room.

I chose this location for the fridge, since the beer lines could be kept short, and would lessen the need for beer line cooling. Here’s the view from the kitchen. There is a foam-insulated bundle of hoses running from inside the fridge into the wall between the kitchen and dining room. The fridge holds two of my beer fire extinguishers “thirst extinguisher” , a CO2 tank, regulator, all kinds of different tubing and a cooling fan that blows cold air from the refrigerator up to the space behind the beer taps.

The air returns to the fridge through the space between the beer lines and foam tube. I later sealed the back of this styrofoam chamber with another panel of styrofoam so that any air blown into the chamber would build up a small amount of pressure and be expelled through the foam tube.

How to Tap a Keg for Your Kegerator in Your Bar or Home

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