Babysitting Lessons[ edit ] I was once asked to babysit a five-year-old girl and a three-year-old boy. The children didn’t know me. We went out in their backyard. The girl threw dirty water from their wading pool on me. I told her to stop. She threw mud on me. I got the message. I went to the far corner of the backyard and played alone in the sandbox.

Babysitter fantasy 320

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When Vanessa Wauchope landed in New York City for college, she figured she could make some extra money baby-sitting. Genevieve Thiers, year-old graduate of Boston College, saw the same potential for making baby-sitting a legitimate business. With parents willing to pay a premium for college students, baby-sitting has become big business on campus for college students and parents willing to pay high fees for reliable sitters.

These companies compile a list of baby sitters, mostly college students, and a list of parents and match the two. Thiers, founder of SitterCity, saw the same demand at Boston College. She baby-sat for 30 families to pay her way through school and wanted to offer the same opportunity to other college students. Handing out fliers on college campuses around Boston, she assembled a team of college baby sitters and started making her online database.

SitterCity is an online database of more than 3, babysitters in New York City, and at least 1, sitters in 20 other cities, including Boston, Chicago and Los Angeles. The sitters join the service for free, setting up an online profile with availability, age preferences and pay minimums among other information. They can type in their zip code and get a list of all the sitters in their area or post requests that are e-mailed every morning to local sitters.

The service does not check references of the sitters on the site, so Thiers recommends that parents still interview and check references of all sitters. Sensible Sitters, on the other hand, has approximately 80 college baby sitters.

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Speed-dating to find a shared baby-sitter 30/06/ – On Saturday the 30 th of June , 9 “Family Friendly” shops organize a speed-dating for parents in need of .

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Pour nos services de garde d’enfants en langues étrangères, nous employons des baby-speakers natifs ou bilingues selon votre besoin, recrutés sur un processus de sélection rigoureux, expérimentés en baby-sitting, et formés à la sécurité et à l’acquisition des langues.

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Hi, I am hosting a speed dating event for Nannies, Babysitters, Mother’s Helpers, and Baby Nurses at Play City on Tuesday, October 23rd at am.

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This listing has expired. Please see related listings below.

Please refer to page 9 for more information. The Law of Art, Fashion and Design. This is a congress for the whole family – there will be surprises to delight everyone, no matter what their age or nationality.

Scranton – Wilkes – Barre – Hazleton, PA. Providence – Warwick, RI-MA; Harrisburg – Carlisle, PA; New Orleans – Metairie, LA.

Speed Dating With Your Nanny 27 May Koa Beck Good, reliable nannies and babysitters are always difficult to find, and a service based in Texas proves just how much help mothers are willing to receive. MommyMixer is a boutique babysitting service that not only screens potential nannies, but also hosts mixers for mothers and childcare workers to mingle and essentially speed date their way through a series of hopeful babysitters. Mothers can size up a literal lineup of potential workers over a cocktail-esque atmosphere, getting a feel for just the right person.

Holly, a babysitter since the age of 14, attended a MommyMixer event in San Antonio after hearing about the service from her sister. The mothers all receive booklets with a page for each sitter that includes a photo, personal information, and availability. After that the lineup begins. The nannies all stand in a line and introduce themselves to the group; their experience, certifications if any, what ages they feel most comfortable with, and what schedule they are looking for.

Then everyone mixes and you have one-on-one time between moms and sitters. Holly found the questions from mothers to be the standard: However, she has encountered a vying nature at other mixers:

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