Tim Karan When a celebrity passes away, it can feel like we’re losing a friend. Whether we watched them on the big screen or let them into our lives through our TVs, the world seems darker knowing we’ve had to say goodbye to a favorite star—even though we can continue enjoying their work indefinitely, letting their legacies live on forever. Here’s a fond look back at some of the screen talents we’ve lost this year. He started out as a filmmaker before appearing in a string of movies in the ’80s with small but memorable roles in Stripes, Commando, Weird Science, and The Terminator. He quickly became a favorite of director James Cameron, who went on to cast him in Aliens, True Lies, Titanic, and the documentary Ghosts in the Abyss. Paxton transitioned into a leading man with a starring role in Twister, then went on to star in movies like A Simple Plan, the Spy Kids series, and Frailty, which he also directed.

The Brit Boy Invasion: The hot, young, talented actors taking Hollywood by storm

Filming was to start in but pushed back over rewrites. I couldn’t be more wrong for this movie. During two months, he rowed the Ashley River and made furniture. She and Ryan had great chemistry between them.

“Guide to: Notebooks and Math” is the 4th episode of the 2nd season of Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide. It first aired on October 22, Contents[show] Plot Part 1: Notebooks The episode starts when Ned Bigby in Mr. Sweeney’s science class. During class, he doodles himself as a huge.

Filmmaker Nicholas Cassavetes handpicked a then-unknown young actor by the name of Ryan Gosling to star as Noah, the tortured romantic in the weepie The Notebook, while Rachel McAdams won the role of Allie thanks to a mesmerizing audition. At that point I was smoking cigarettes. They had it out… I think Ryan respected her for standing up for her character and Rachel was happy to get that out in the open.

Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope Co-stars: Anthony Daniels C-3PO vs. It was the rudest thing anyone had ever done to me. He might as well be a bucket.

Dating Lanzelot

It’s October 3, and that means a day of social media being taken over by the most memorable quotes from the most quotable movie of our generation. If you’re a true fan of the movie, you’ve likely kept tabs on the talented actors. But it’s also worth noting how they’ve continued to pay tribute to their LGBTQ fans in their careers. Lindsay Lohan For any teenager of the s, Lindsay Lohan was a cultural staple.

Salome Jens Salome Jens has appeared in lead roles on Broadway in Far Country, Night Life, The Disenchanted, Patriot For Me, A Lie of the Mind.

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The Brit Boy Invasion: The hot, young, talented actors taking Hollywood by storm

Ten years later it remains one of the most iconic love stories of the 21st century, cherished by pre-teen girls and celebrities alike. In honor of the 10th anniversary of The Notebook, read on for things you may be shocked to learn about the now-classic film, straight from the director himself. Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams did not get along. Contrary to their love story in the film, or their eventual real life romance, Gosling and McAdams were far from friendly while making this movie.

We went into a room with a producer; they started screaming and yelling at each other. At that point I was smoking cigarettes.

The Notebook Girl. Background: Canadian born actress Rachel McAdams had her breakthrough moment after portraying Ryan Gosling’s love interest, Allie, in the romantic drama The Notebook ().

The membership criteria of the club are extremely strict, and candidates are heavily vetted. It was his first post-Potter — and his debut theatre — role after making five of the eight Potter movies. It was a decision that sent shockwaves through the film-watching world on a level akin to the once squeaky clean Miley Cyrus twerking in a nude bikini at the Grammy Awards. Never have so many cameras been raised in a London theatre.

Never before has one naked scene caused so many headlines around the world. Ten minutes is a hell of a long time — and I was out there at the centre of the stage. They are all looking at my bits. Look at his bits. It becomes this bond. He admits that stripping off made people look at him in a completely different way:

Lamb advertisement seeks younger audience with savvy diversity spin

But only now is the film’s director Nick Cassavetes revealing one of the biggest secrets from behind the scenes: And even more shocking is the year-old Canadian hunk wanted his pretty year-old costar – who he ended up dating on and off for four years after filming concluded – kicked off the film. Scroll down for video One would never have guessed:

Following production on “The Notebook,” Gosling and McAdams began dating from They reconciled for several months in before splitting up again for a second time.

Air Force veteran [12] and refrigeration engineer. He grew up in West Philadelphia’s Wynnefield neighborhood, [13] and was raised Baptist. I had pretty high SAT scores and they needed black kids , so I probably could have gotten in. But I had no intention of going to college. Smith decided to fill in. They both felt strong chemistry, and Townes was upset when his hype man finally made it to the party.

Smith enlisted a friend to join as the beatboxer of the group, Clarence Holmes Ready Rock C , making them a trio. The single became a hit a month before Smith graduated from high school. The group received the first Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance in for ” Parents Just Don’t Understand ” , though their most successful single was ” Summertime ” , which earned the group their second Grammy and peaked at number 4 on the Billboard Hot Smith and Townes are still friends and claim that they never split up, having made songs under Smith’s solo performer credit.

Smith set for himself the goal of becoming “the biggest movie star in the world”, studying box office successes ‘ common characteristics. Solo music and film beginnings Smith’s first major roles were in the drama Six Degrees of Separation and the action film Bad Boys in which he starred opposite Martin Lawrence. The film was a massive blockbuster, becoming the second highest-grossing film in history at the time and establishing Smith as a prime box office draw.

Pompeo’s six hours in Pyongyang – a reporter’s notebook

Brown Sugar Two childhood best friends grow into adulthood and continue to remain closer than ever. The story of Andre, a hip-hop executive at a record label, and Sydney, an editor for a music magazine, is a classic tale of best friends becoming lovers. Something New This movie is particularly interesting because it not only has an adorable plot, but it depicts people from two different social classes and races.

Actress Sanaa Lathan plays Kenya, an uptight and orderly accountant soon on her way to making partner at her job. Actor Simon Baker plays Brian, a landscape architect who loves his dog.

Rachel McAdams. That’s one name everyone should recognize. She is a top actress known for her roles in HBO’s True Detective, the Nicholas Sparks adaptation The Notebook, the Sherlock Holmes.

By Amy Kaufman Jul 24, 3: A decade ago, after she’d just starred in three huge hits in a row, “The Notebook,” “Mean Girls” and “Wedding Crashers,” she was asked to pose on the cover of Vanity Fair. She was supposed to be photographed by Annie Leibovitz alongside two other beautiful and popular young actresses, Scarlett Johansson and Keira Knightley. She did not want to take off her clothes, so she passed up the opportunity. I have no issues doing it for a part if it makes sense, if it’s not gratuitous and I think it’s adding to the story.

But not as myself on the cover of a magazine about Hollywood’s most powerful young women. She had that same huge smile and no-nonsense attitude; she was believable in commercial fare and indie dramas. And though she was private, she knew how to give fans just enough to maintain intrigue — famously running into then-boyfriend Ryan Gosling’s arms for a dramatic lip lock while accepting Best Kiss prize at the MTV Movie Awards.

But 10 years later, at 36, McAdams isn’t Roberts. She’s a busy working actress — often popping up on red carpets and non-Vanity Fair magazine covers — but not quite a movie star.

The Untold Truth Of The Notebook

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